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    Perth’s Cockroach Exterminator

    Our cockroach treatments involves a chemical spray around the internal perimeter of the property and in particular the kitchen and surrounding area. We also pump a powder chemical behind electrical items in the kitchen and put a gel bait in a variety of different places where cockroaches often live. This bait is then passed on from one cockroach to another.

    You will need to empty all of your cupboards and drawers in the kitchen as the technician will spray a chemical in the cupboards. This will dry in approx 2 hours and then all utensils and kitchen items etc can be put back. When a cockroach walks over the treated area in the cupboards and drawers it will die within 3- 4 days as it has the chemical on it. This treatment lasts for several months.

    Our technicians will also provide you with useful tips on preventing re- infestation such as:

    • Eliminating sources of food, water, and shelter.
    • Fixing leaks
    • Washing dishes frequently
    • Sealing cracks
    • Eliminating clutter in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements.

    Cockroaches are very adaptable and often live where humans dwell. They prefer warm, undisturbed areas with high humidity near a source of water such as:

    • under sinks
    • hot water systems
    • kitchen appliances e.g. dishwasher, microwave, stove, espresso machines etc.
    • cracks and crevices
    • around toilets and showers
    • furniture
    • stored boxes
    • roof void and subfloor areas
    • wall cavities
    • garden

    They eat virtually any human food and also non-food items like; soap, toothpaste, glue, leather, cardboard, fabrics, hair and starchy bindings in books. As well as any dead animal or vegetable materials.

    ADVION Cockroach Gel
    Dragnet Dust

    Cockroaches commonly found in Perth

    German Cockroach

    Found mostly indoors, and prefer a moist, warm environment close to food, such as kitchens. In the kitchen they will be found in food storerooms, stoves, refrigerators, sinks, water heaters.

    Australian Cockroach

    Prefers food of plant origin, hence found mostly outdoors in areas that offer moist, decaying vegetable matter & plant materials. They can be found under bark of trees, among woodpiles, sub floors, wall voids, garages & sheds.

    American Cockroach

    Prefers warm, moist and dark conditions such as those found in sub-floors, roof & wall voids, cellars, grease traps, sewers, in and around garbage areas. Commonly infest food stores &warehouses, restaurants, hospitals, and other food handling areas.

    Brown-banded Cockroach

    Found mostly indoors but scattered throughout a dwelling, not just the kitchen. Prefers drier areas in furniture (bookcases, desks, wardrobes), around picture frames, light fittings, among stored files & paper, etc.

    Oriental Cockroach

    Prefers cool environments, hence mainly found outdoors in damp sub-floors or around drainage systems. It is usually located at or below ground level in buildings.

    Smokybrown Cockroach

    Found mostly outdoors and prefers plant materials. Often a pest in nurseries, garages, woodpiles, sub floors, roof & wallvoids, around drains & under garden mulch. Sometimes attracted to light at night.


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