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    Baiting Treatment: House Mouse, Norway & Roof Rat

    Our rodent baiting treatment customarily involves an inspection of the roof space, checking to see that there is no nest and trying to identify any obvious access points to indicate how the rodent accessed the roof space. We then place approximately 12 single feed rodent baits into the roof space.

    If the problem is not in the roof space and rodents have been sighted in garden areas or out buildings, we supply one or more lockable strong plastic rodent boxes (that you keep) with bait installed and we place these in strategic locations in the garden. These boxes are very strong and only allow the rodent to feed on the bait within the box, the rodents cannot remove the bait which makes them safe for family pets and the lockable design prevents access by young children. They can also easily be moved around to wherever rodents have been sighted.

    Download Generation Block Pre Baited Station

    The three major pest species in Perth are:

    • Norway Rat
    • Roof Rat
    • House Mouse

    These animals are well adapted to living in very close association with humans, sharing their food and shelter and are often found in Roof cavities, garden areas, living areas, kitchen areas, garbage areas, outbuildings and behind electrical appliances or equipment.


    Heavy-set with small close-set
    finely haired ears and a blunt nose.
    Its fur is coarse, red-brown with a
    tail that is shorter than its body
    and head.Their droppings are about 18mm and blunt.


    Slender with large, prominent,
    almost hairless ears and a pointed
    nose. Its fur is fine, grey, black,
    brown, may be white beneath with
    a tail of uniform in colour and
    longer than their body and head.Their droppings are about 12mm and pointed.


    Slender with fairly large, hairy ears
    and a pointed nose. Its fur is fine,
    brown to grey with a hairless tail
    that is as long as its body and
    head.Their droppings are about 3-4mm.


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