Flea Control / Pet Bond Vacate Sprays

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    Most lease Agreements require a tenant to have the property professionally cleaned or fumigated the end of their tenancy, including a flea spray if pets have been kept at the premises. Call Half Price Pest Control for your Pet Bond Spray.

    Your property manager requires us to spray the carpeted areas inside after the carpet cleaner has been and we spray the rear garden/yard.
    We give you a certificate and a paid in full invoice for you to present to the property manager. You must have the cash available before we give you these documents.

    Fleas are readily controlled provided you take a few simple steps. The majority of fleas found in our homes are of the ‘Cat Flea’ variety. This type of flea prefers the cat or dog as its host, however, it may also use humans. The name ‘Sand Flea’ is commonly used. This is not a different variety of flea but a term describing a location where fleas are often found.

    Flea’s usually only bite humans when there is a severe plague or when the normal host animal has left the premises. For example, it is quite common to experience a flea plague after a pet’s death or when moving into vacant premise that has previously housed a dog or cat. The pupae stage of development can stay in the carpets or undisturbed edges of floors etc. for up to one year. These pupae will develop into adult fleas as soon as the house is occupied again.


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